The New Year is now in full swing, the Christmas decorations are back in the loft and all traces of turkey are far behind us!

New Year resolutions are now into their 3rd week and how many of us have already fallen by wayside?

I have been asked so many times over the last few days what my New Year resolutions are that I’ve taken a moment to consider what they should be…

Whilst considering my options I wanted something, realistic, an aim that I could achieve – those who know me know that aiming to give up cake is never going to happen!

Basically a New Year’s resolution is a simply a goal, something to aim for. An area that I discuss every single day with the Ambassadors when business planning.

So what makes a New Year’s resolution so different in our minds and why do so many of us fail before we’ve hardly started?

The key has to be motivation, we can all wish to be thinner, fitter etc… but without a trigger that’s personal to us our dreams simply stay as dreams.

Motivation is as personal to each of us as our finger print but it’s this motivation that keeps us going even when times are difficult and seemingly impossible.

A favourite story for me, which I apologise for telling before, is about two frogs stuck in a bucket of milk.

Both frogs want to escape and swim frantically, each frog is the same age and with the same physically abilities, however one frog becomes tired and says this is madness we will never escape – he gives up and drowns, the other frog however tired to keep going and suddenly he feels solid ground under his feet, the milk has turned to butter and he can jump to freedom.

So my New Year’s resolution is:-

To keep paddling, pushing forward and never forgetting my dreams but also to respect the dreams of others, however different they are to my own.

proto-col Ambassadors gives everyone the opportunity to dream and build a future but it’s the motivation within that makes your business unique to you.

Rebecca Hudson, National Trainer

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