Me Time

Me Time

If you could change one thing what would it be?

When meeting a new Ambassador the very first question I ask them is ‘What do YOU want from YOUR business?’ the answers I get are as varied as every Individual Ambassador. From I want to earn £5000 a day to I want to meet new people.

Why do I ask this very basic question?

If I don’t know what the Ambassador wishes to achieve I can’t help them reach their goals. I spend a lot of time talking about planning but to plan you need an aim. You also need a time frame that’s realistic and achievable. So from the very first meeting YOUR proto-col business is designed around you.

However like most things in life our ambitions and aspirations change and every so often it’s good to go back to ‘What do YOU want from YOUR business?’

The New Year brings New Horizons

Look back over the last year, enjoy and celebrate your achievements and reflect on those moments that didn’t quite work as you’d planned.

This is a positive reflection of the last year and a motivational tool to move forward. How can you grow if you don’t make mistakes and learn from them?

Taking all that we have learnt from 2014 we can now plan for a bright fresh New Year.

Remember when planning to book in time for you and family. I spend many hours with Ambassadors’ planning but very few remember to block out ‘ME’ time.


If you could change one thing what would it be?

‘Lose weight & get fitter?’

‘Learn a new skill?’

‘Re-decorate the house?’

Whatever you wish to change, takes time and often money. So plan YOUR New Year to give you both. Block out time for you to achieve personal goals and time for YOUR business to grow.

Challenge yourself in 2015, aim for stars that shine brightest for YOU!!

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  1. Laura Taylor-Stephenson says:

    Hi I run a successful award winning skincare clinic in the midlands. I used to be involved we prtocol before the health and beauty company took over! I totally believed in all the products and loved that I could use/sell the skincare but also educate people of the importance of iner beauty. After trying the health products my clients were hooked. I’m looking to incorporate this back into my business and would like information of how I could join the company please.

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