Why I Love The proto-col ‘Chilly’ 10K

Triathlete Matt Tibbles explains his love for proto-col Chilly 10K and his change in diet in the lead up to the event.

The proto-col Chilly 10K consists of running 10K, 3.4 race laps around the flat and smooth surface on the famous Castle Combe race circuit, organised by (DB Max) https://www.dbmax.co.uk/


I’m a member of the British Triathlon Federation and I usually like to train six days a week, sometimes I fit in two sessions a day! Great for training for multi-sport events like the proto-col Chilly Duathlon and 10K. I generally try to keep to a decent diet both in and out of training and I’ve found excluding foods with added sugar have a great benefit on the quality of my diet and keeping lean. I do notice as the training hours and intensity rises so do the calorie requirements so I do enjoy eating a bit more of the good stuff when training allows.

Expected Time

I’m a little off my best run form for the 10K this year. I’m hoping to come in under 48 minutes.


I’ve got over a decade of experience in triathlon and have lots of really fond memories of both events and training. I think from a training point of view cracking the century distance on the bike is a highlight. Learning correct swim technique has also been a real help. When competing I’m a pretty big fan of the South West race scene and always look forward to Westonbirt Triathlon – I’ve managed to finish all 11 so far! The longer distance triathlons have been a big part of my focus too. I never thought I’d make the full iron-distance until I managed in the 2014 Cotswold 226. As a bonus I also proposed to my wife on the finish line!

Why Chilly Events?

I always look forward to the Chilly events. They’re a long-established fixture on the winter Duathlon and 10K calendar for a good reason. First off, they’ve got a great traffic free location on the Castle Combe race track, perfect for PB hunters. With DB Max in charge organisation is always top notch. The chip timing they provide is the gold standard with live results available the moment you finish to see how awesomely you’ve performed (or, in my case, how much more training you need to get in!). There’s also a great range of competitors mixing it up in a friendly environment. It’s always great to see a first timer smile alongside some of the elite uber-performances. I’ve seen world class Olympic level athletes alongside a guy dressed as Wonder Woman in past years, if that’s not worth getting out of bed for on a Sunday morning, I don’t know what is!

Watch more of Matt’s sporty adventures (here)  https://www.youtube.com/user/triathlonmatt703

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