How to get a golden glow tan the healthy way

Many people love hitting the sunbeds and getting that elusive tan, but it’s essential that you look after your skin whilst you’re exposed to the sun. This will keep your skin healthy and looking young.

Keep your skin youthful and healthy

Areas of the body that frequently move, such as the skin around your mouth and eyes, are particularly sensitive and vulnerable to skin damage by UV rays. However, there are many ways to protect your skin allowing it to remain youthful and beautiful.

Sun exposure damages the skin, increasing the lines, wrinkles and dark spots that signify old age. Combat the sun-related ageing by wearing plenty of sun-cream and ensuring you take on board plenty of vitamins and minerals.

Magic melanin

The UV rays from the sun damage skin cells. The body’s natural response is to produce melanin, a pigment that darkens the skin preventing the UV rays penetrating skin tissue further.

Nutritional supplements to the rescue

In addition to the basics of sun cream protection, nutritional supplements can give you a natural tan by boosting your melanin levels, further protecting you from the harmful UV rays.
They also contain anti-oxidants to provide extra protection against free radical damage caused by sun exposure. Many supplements work all year round therefore giving you a golden glow without exposure to the sun.
Naturally fair skin has a low amount of melanin leaving the skin vulnerable to the sun’s UV rays. If you have fair skin you can better prepare your skin to sun exposure by taking vitamins and minerals that stimulate the melanin production.

Follow our 5 top tips for safe tanning this summer:

  1. Wear sunglasses and a hat – The skin around your eyes is very sensitive to UV rays
  2. Don’t over expose your body to the sun – Find some shade if the heat becomes too much
  3. Wear plenty of sun cream – Put your sun cream on as early as possible and top up when necessary
  4. Exfoliate your skin – Removing layers of dead skin will even your skin tone
  5. Consider nutritional supplements – They boost melanin levels to protect the skin cells and give you a natural tan

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