Create the perfect platform for your make-up

If you want to look good, preparation is essential for success.

Professional make-up artists make it their business to ensure their clients look fabulous before they step into the limelight and that the look remains flawless. An essential in their box of beauty tricks is primer.

Primer is used after moisturiser and before foundation to create a perfect platform for make-up.



Reasons to use primer:

  1. Fills fine lines and smooths large pores
  2. Creates an even-textured complexion
  3. Helps keep foundation and other cosmetics looking fresher for longer
  4. Trusted by professional make-up artists to create a flawless finish

Make primer the last step in your skincare regime and the first in your make-up application.

Try these steps to get the best from natural primers:

  • Moisturise first as it aids even primer application. Wait for a few moments before applying primer.
  • Primer goes a long way, so start with just a raisin-sized puddle and use a dab technique to work from the centre of your face outwards.
  • Use your fingers to smooth the primer into your skin, take care around your eyes, though it’s great to nourish crow’s feet lines.
  • Allow to dry before applying your favourite liquid or baked foundation.

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