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We understand that perfecting your complexion can often be time consuming as well as disheartening. Whilst everyone will suffer a ‘bad skin’ day in their life some unfortunately have to deal with challenges on a daily basis.

Unwanted skin flaws such as dark circles, spots, blemishes, pigmentation, rosacea, vitiligo, scars and birthmarks are just a few of the complications women and men try to camouflage.

Trying to find the right product to combat imperfections can be daunting and sometimes a little embarrassing, but understanding how opposite colours neutralise each other is the best tip you can ever learn.

Here are some of our tips to help you through this minefieldBaked mineral colour correct is a unique correcting powder featuring five colours beautifully marbled together to conceal without caking to give an invisible finish.


The three key colours are as follows:

  • Yellow – counteracts purple and discolouration (under eye dark circles, pigmentation)
  • Green – minimises red (rosacea, blemishes, distended capillaries)
  • Lilac – stabilises yellow (sallow skin, yellow bruises)

Two additional colours:

  • White and pink – brighten and highlight to refract light away from imperfections such as scars

With a combination of natural hypoallergenic and anti-inflammatory ingredients colour correct helps to restore the skin’s PH balance to combat problem areas whilst helping to improve skin hydration and elasticity to reveal a radiant skin tone.

Blended together the product targets problem areas in one sweep, building up and blending colour correct helps create the perfect canvas in one easy step.


Swirl the brush (such as the proto-col retractable powder brush or the large powder brush from the proto-col  7 piece brush set) over the baked colour correct, working the product into the bristles. Gently buff the corrector onto the skin using a circular motion paying particular attention to any blemishes, shiny or discoloured skin.

Top Tipcolour correct can be applied underneath and on top of foundation, experiment to create your perfect skin tone.

With these tips, our guide to neutralising colours and proto-col baked mineral colour correct, you can now create complexion perfection with total confidence.

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