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5 ways to keep your skin healthy this summer

5 ways to keep your skin healthy this summer

With summer officially here, you’ve already swapped your winter jumpers and boots for summer dresses and sandals. Now’s the time to switch your skincare routine for the new season too. From UVA/UVB protection to washing away extra sweat and sebum, follow these skincare tips to keep your skin healthy and happy this summer.


Your collagen levels are dropping

Collagen is one of the most important proteins in the human body. It accounts for 30% of total protein, representing 80% of dry mass of skin. Primarily located in connective tissue, it is responsible for providing structure.

How collagen helps with hair loss and thinning hair

Worried about hair loss and thinning hair? You’re not alone

Contrary to popular belief, hair loss and thinning hair is a real problem for women as well as men. Recent studies indicate that an estimated 8 million women in the UK are now suffering from hair loss and one in three has thinning hair. NHS England estimates that around 50% of women over the age of 65 experience female-pattern baldness.


Face yoga: 5 exercises to lift and tone facial muscles

Did you know you have 52 muscles in your face? Many people go to the gym to work out and tone but do you ever tone the muscles in your face? Facial yoga is completely natural and may increase the size of muscles in the face, making cheeks look fuller and firmer.

Face yoga is a growing trend. A 20 week study by NorthWestern Medicine, led by Dr.Murad Alam concluded that there is evidence facial exercise may even reduce some visible signs of ageing. Just following the short routine below can give you a clear, healthy complexion with a beautiful glow with less toxins and increase your skins ability to absorb moisture.

5 exercises to move your muscles and tighten their appearance:

Drink yourself beautiful

Resident beauty blogger Laura Ward recently visited the Professional Beauty conference to learn about the latest trend in beauty products that you can eat and drink.

“You are what you eat, or so we’re told but I’m not sure that I buy the idea that a simple diet of good foods can make you beautiful,” says Laura.

“Beauty brands are increasingly launching supplements and other things that we can consume that can build beauty from the inside out. And at the recent Professional Beauty Show at London’s Excel centre, there was a lot to devour.