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How to choose the right colour for your lips

According to Jamie-Lee Hart, the Head Therapist at proto-col clinic in Westbury, experimenting is the most reliable method when it comes to finding the perfect lip colour for your skin tone.

But where do you even start? Jamie-lee shares her tips on how to choose the best lip colour. From fair to olive and deep skin tones, there’s a colour that enhances every complexion.



The New Year is now in full swing, the Christmas decorations are back in the loft and all traces of turkey are far behind us!

New Year resolutions are now into their 3rd week and how many of us have already fallen by wayside?

Happy New Year

New Year 2015

A great big Happy New Year to you all and wishing you success in everything you do.

A bright fresh New Year is always an exciting start to a new journey for me. I always feel the same thrill of excitement as I do when starting a brand new venture.

Merry Christmas To All

Merry Christmas

At this very special time of year I’d like to express my thanks and gratitude to everyone who makes proto-col ambassadors the extremely amazing business it is.

We have the most fabulous group of generous and hardworking Ambassadors working away up and down the country.

Me Time

Me Time

If you could change one thing what would it be?

When meeting a new Ambassador the very first question I ask them is ‘What do YOU want from YOUR business?’ the answers I get are as varied as every Individual Ambassador. From I want to earn £5000 a day to I want to meet new people.

Why do I ask this very basic question?