Beauty tips for the January gym goer

Whether you’re sweating it out in your weekly spin class, lifting weights in the gym or running on a treadmill or pavement, you may still want to wear a little make-up to look and feel at your best.

January is a time when many women head back to the gym but the idea of going to work out bare-faced can be daunting. If forgoing make-up is just another reason not to exercise, stiffen your fitness resolve with these tips and get ready for a fit and fabulous 2018.

  1. Light Coverage

Avoid wearing heavy foundations or powders as sweating means these can begin to move, or worse, slide off your face. When choosing products, choose a light CC cream or mineral make-up. Mineral cosmetics are a pure pigment so they should stay in place whilst you’re working out. They also allow your pores to breathe. Be sure to apply lightly to keep skin looking fresh and radiant.

  1. Waterproof

Waterproof or smudge proof cosmetics are ideal to avoid cosmetics sliding off your face as your spin class intensifies or as the Parkrun photographer snaps you at the finish line. Waterproof products usually contain fats, oils or waxes or all three of these (known as hydrophobic) as they are resistant to water or sweat.  These products are designed to be put through their paces in line with your physical exertions so be prepared to spend more to get the best waterproof products. A cheap option may result in you experiencing the panda face you’re trying to avoid. Again, apply lightly to steer clear of overloading.

  1. Sunscreen

Most people associate sunscreen with the summer, but the sun can show up at any time of the year. When exercising outside a minimum of SPF 30 is needed and a sweat resistant one is ideal. UV rays can still damage your skin and when mixed with the cold air, it can leave your skin dry and cracked. Be sure to wear sunscreen before applying any type of make-up.

  1. Lip Care

Avoid wearing heavy and dark coloured lipsticks as throughout exercising, our lips can become quite dry and sometimes cracked. Keep it simple and use a lip balm or oil to help retain moisture.

  1. Cleanse

It’s very important to cleanse before and after a workout, especially if you’re supporting a full face. Choose a light and gentle cleanser such as a foaming wash or gel that contains glycolic acid to remove all traces of make-up and sebum, without drying. For those looking for a quick fix, good quality face wipes help remove mascara and foundation without leaving residue.

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