Did you know that sleeping in your make-up can clog up your pores and attract blemish-causing bacteria?

As the festive season peaks it’s head, events and parties pop up almost every weekend. This can not only be draining for your energy levels, but for your skin too. Layering thick make-up, glitter and alcohol is not a good trio for your skin- it can break out, become dry or even oily with an over production of sebum.

Cleanse before bed

Look after your skin and properly cleanse away dirt and external pollutants with Proto-col Foaming Facial Wash, designed to gently lift away daily grime and make-up it will leave your skin soft and supple. This is an important step in your bedtime routine as so many cosmetic products have silicone in them, which are designed to block pores.

Sleeping without cleansing properly also means that environmental and air pollutants aren’t lifted properly and remain trapped in your skin as your cells attempt to repair themselves.

Exfoliation is key

Dewy and glowing skin soon becomes dull and sallow due if you don’t cleanse and exfoliate regularly. Black heads, clogged pores and dead skin will otherwise build up.

Let your pores do their work

Our skin is always at work, made up of water, proteins and lips each mineral and chemical has a huge affect. Covered in pores, our skin is able to sweat and secrete sebum which is a natural lubricant of the skin… usually over-produced when not cared for properly.

Besides, not only is not cleansing bad for your skin but also not great for your bed sheets.