Collagen – 5 facts you need to know

  1. Women lose collagen more rapidly than men

Women lose collagen in their skin more rapidly than men during ageing, a process which is accelerated by 2% following menopause. Collagen becomes damaged by factors such as the sun, cigarette smoke and pollution as well as wear and tear over time. If these damaged collagen fibres are not fully repaired then spaces and gaps emerge, causing wrinkles and ill-supported skin. However, it’s not all bad news! Taking products that are rich in antioxidants help to prevent damage caused by free radicals which are a main culprit in collagen depletion.


  1. Collagen helps with acne and scars

Collagen not only tightens skin but it is also the primary protein responsible for treating all kinds of wounds, including acne. The bacteria within the clogged pores damages our skin and also weakens the structure beneath the skin. Collagen helps to rebuild and repair the structure below the skin, also increasing the recovery process when we squeeze a spot.


  1. You stop producing collagen when you are 25

We lose 1.5% of our body’s store of collagen every year once we reach 25. Therefore, by the time we get to 40 we have lost 30% of our store. Taking hydrolysed collagen supplements allows collagen to quickly be absorbed and replenish our stores as the protein is already “pre-digested”.


  1. Collagen can keep your skin youthful

Collagen keeps our skin firm and tight, however, as collagen levels drop, fine lines and wrinkles start to appear. Taking collagen supplements regularly can help us retain youthful skin for longer as they work to stimulate our body’s natural collagen production.


  1. Sugar lowers collagen production

Having a diet high in sugar hinders collagen production. It increases glycation, the process by which sugar in our blood attacks the proteins needed to form new molecules. This process causes collagen to become weak, brittle and dry.


Consider how natural collagen supplements can help your skin to age healthily.

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