Archive – February 2018

Drink yourself beautiful

Resident beauty blogger Laura Ward recently visited the Professional Beauty conference to learn about the latest trend in beauty products that you can eat and drink.

“You are what you eat, or so we’re told but I’m not sure that I buy the idea that a simple diet of good foods can make you beautiful,” says Laura.

“Beauty brands are increasingly launching supplements and other things that we can consume that can build beauty from the inside out. And at the recent Professional Beauty Show at London’s Excel centre, there was a lot to devour.

How to cope with the stress of marathon training

Marathon training is a big commitment with demands on your body, mental challenges and impact on your lifestyle.


Expert running coach Dave Bird shares seven snippets of wisdom that can help you prepare for a marathon or any other endurance event that’s on your horizon this spring.

Exfoliate to let the good stuff in

Exfoliating your skin is simple to do but so many of us skip this essential step in our beauty regime.

Check out these quick tips to ensure your exfoliation successfully reveals the new you beneath the grime.

Why exfoliate?

  1. Dead skin cells build up on your face, along with cosmetics and skincare products. These clog your pores and make your skin dull.
  2. Regular exfoliating allows your skin to make the most of your chosen skincare products.
  3. Exfoliating helps to promote a healthy glow and improves texture by encouraging the skin renewal process.
  4. Removing dead skin cells helps reduce the symptoms of acne and hormonal breakouts.

Vitamin D – get yours in a 20 minute lunch break

Seasonal colds and flu can be combated by boosting your immune system with vitamin D3 and are little to do with winters spent indoors with the central heating on, says Dr Graham Matthews.

10 amazing facts about vitamin D that just might stop you sneezing: