Archive – July 2017

How to get a golden glow tan the healthy way

Many people love hitting the sunbeds and getting that elusive tan, but it’s essential that you look after your skin whilst you’re exposed to the sun. This will keep your skin healthy and looking young.


How to choose the right colour for your lips

According to Jamie-Lee Hart, the Head Therapist at proto-col clinic in Westbury, experimenting is the most reliable method when it comes to finding the perfect lip colour for your skin tone.

But where do you even start? Jamie-lee shares her tips on how to choose the best lip colour. From fair to olive and deep skin tones, there’s a colour that enhances every complexion.

How exercise causes tissue damages and how to recover

It will come as no surprise to anyone that watched the recent British & Irish Lions tour to New Zealand that tackling an All Black can seriously damage your health.
Trying to stop 116kg of pure New Zealand muscle is sure to give your system a physical jolt but it’s the micro damage to muscles, connective tissues and other cells in the body that go unnoticed by the player and unseen by the fans.

What is your skin up to while you’re at sleep?

Your skin at night

During sleep, our skin cells work hard to reduce the harmful effects of free radicals by going into a ‘repair mode’. During this time, the skin cells use up the existing stocks of anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and proteins like collagen to carry out the repair work.

Free radicals are the toxic molecules that cause damage to our cells and DNA. External elements such as the UV lights, pollution, smoking, alcohol and harmful chemicals trigger the production of toxic molecules.

Your body needs healthy stock levels of the ‘good stuff’ to fight off the damage caused by free radicals.