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So you’re injured; get over it.

Talking about injuries is almost a sport in itself. If you’re are a regular participant in sport, you’re probably very happy to trade stories about injured knees, IT bands, Achilles tendons and rotator cuffs. So why wait until you are injured to do something about it.

We asked four members of Team proto-col, a collective of some of the UK’s leading athletes, to give us their tips on injury management and prevention.

Lip Gloss or Lipstick?

7 things to consider before deciding on your lip makeup

Whether applying colour to your lips is a daily routine or only for special occasions, there’s a decision to be made; should you wear a matte lipstick or lip-plumping gloss?

A bold red lipstick worn with a simple outfit can enhance your day look immediately. Or a lip gloss on tanned skin can bring that extra shine to your smile.

Night-time moisturisers – repair your skin while you sleep

Late-night beauty tips

Few of us expect to wake up looking at our best but there are a few steps that early morning stunners always include in their beauty regime. Give them a try to help you wake up feeling beautiful.

Drink smart tips

What your body’s water gauge says about you

There’s a water gauge on your car’s dashboard but your body’s not fitted with a window to display your hydration levels. Or is it?

How to feel fuller for longer


We often eat not because we’re hungry but because we think we’re hungry.

If it’s not yet time to eat but you’re feeling hungry anyway, try these tricks to stop yourself eating or avoid eating the wrong kind of food until your next meal.

Drink plenty of water: Water is your best friend when it comes to feeling full for longer. Drink a glass or two when you’re hungry or before meal times.