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Got what it takes to be a pro athlete? Take the test…

Have you got what it takes to make a career out of training and competing in your chosen sport? Take the test…

Elite Athlete or Average Joe?

1. Are you regularly placing in the events that you enter, including age group classes?

2. Do you spend a high proportion of your spare time training or racing?

3. Do you spend a significant portion of your spare cash on performance kit or race entries?

4. Does your commitment to your sport sometimes create family conflicts?

5. Does your level of performance-related fatigue ever impact on other parts of your life?

What is the link between ageing and collagen?

Consider Collagen as the body’s ‘Super Glue’ protein that keeps everything together.

Sadly, from early to mid-20’s we start to lose some of the natural store of this “Super Glue” protein. Loss varies with individuals but scientists agree that by the time you are 45 you’ve lost 30% of your body’s natural glue.

9 things that attack your skin in the wild

It’s a wonderful time of the year to be outside; in your garden, up a mountain, on your bike or even on the beach on holiday.

But the weather can change quickly, we can encounter unfamiliar dangers when we explore wild places and even on a sunny day our skin has to bear the brunt.

Why is mineral makeup good for your skin?

Naturally occurring minerals have been used in cosmetics for thousands of years – our ancestors used ‘earth colours’ to paint their bodies for ceremonies and rituals. Today we’re using them to ink our bodies with tattoos and in make-up products.

Technically speaking, most make-up products contain minerals that are already broken into tiny particles.

“The difference between traditional make-up and mineral make-up is the ingredients that are left out, such as harsh chemicals, fragrance, preservatives, oils and talc.”