Archive – April 2017

A One Minute Test Of Your Flexibility And Mobility

Take this one minute test of your flexibility and mobility:

1. How often do you sigh or groan when you get up from or sit down in a chair?

2. How often do you feel out of breath after climbing the stairs or wince as you descend them

3. Do you have to ask for help to reach a top cupboard or shelf due to poor flexibility?

4. From a standing position, can you put your hands on your knees, ankles or toes?

If your answers to the above test leave you worrying that your body maybe ageing quicker than you’d realised, you’re completely normal*.

Chris Thompson on running – London Marathon is almost here


It’s almost race day and suddenly my life is not about training but is busy with all the hullaballoo of London Marathon hype.

I’ve recently returned from a training camp in Albuquerque where I could focus on every aspect of my training. The intensity of my training is partnered with a certain calmness when I train in the US. Now that I’m back in the UK, it’s as if that serenity has been punctured by everyone’s interest in Sunday’s marathon.


A hard-core Zumba session, a long run or a whole day shopping. All of these are endurance activities that drain your energy stores and leave you feeling hungry, thirsty and physically exhausted.

What’s your recovery remedy? Instinctively you know that you need to eat and drink something after such an assault on the body’s resources; a banana works for some, a sports drink for others or maybe a cuppa and a cake works for you.

Getting good nutrition on board every day can help you to walk/run/swim/ride for longer, as can recovering well with the right food and drink. We all know this yet many of us are still prone to eating Hobnobs and drinking Diet Coke.

Mature skin – How to apply make-up for ultimate glow

As we get older, the face that we see in the mirror confirms that our skin is gradually losing its youthful suppleness and elasticity.

Ouch! Cracked skin requires rapid repair

Top 10 sore skin issues that makes us all say OUCH!

(and that let infection in):