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Tips on oiling your joints

In the years ahead, when your joints get stiffer and you begin to groan as you get in and out of your favourite chair, the NHS is unlikely to be on hand to prescribe you Omega 3.

In a drive to save money, the government announced this week that this potent fatty acid is on its list of food items that may not be available on prescription in the future. Gluten-free foods and remedies for coughs and indigestion are also on their hit list.

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Chris Thompson on running – Mental mapping your marathon

Injury scare at Reading Half
The blustery conditions at Sunday’s Vitality Reading Half Marathon made for a testing race. I had wanted a controlled effort as a tune up for London Marathon on 23 April and a top ten finish in a fair time was a broad goal.

Create the perfect platform for your make-up

If you want to look good, preparation is essential for success.

Professional make-up artists make it their business to ensure their clients look fabulous before they step into the limelight and that the look remains flawless. An essential in their box of beauty tricks is primer.

Primer is used after moisturiser and before foundation to create a perfect platform for make-up.

What are you drinking for endurance?

It’s spring marathon season, major cycle events are appearing on the calendar and triathletes are already beginning their huge training programmes ahead of classic Ironman races in the autumn.

Chris Thompson on running

Thommo shares his top 5 marathon tips ahead of next month’s Virgin London Marathon.