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Eddie’s Pinwheel

Eddie's Pinwheel

Eddie the Teddy can’t wait to get outside when it’s windy and this week he’s created Eddie’s Pinwheel a beautiful decoration designed to spin in the wind.

Ask a parent to cut out the pinwheel following the guide, fold the corners as shown and attach a stick and pin to create your own windmill.

Importance of Sleep

Importance of Sleep

Humans sleep for 1/3rd of their life. Without ‘good’ sleep the body loses its ability to revitalise and repair.

An elite athlete may have their own sleep intervention programs identifying techniques to improve sleep habits and routines with their physiologist. However, there are some key fundamentals that can be applied to an individual or team to ensure that preparations planned in training or event environment can be adjusted to maximise recovery and adaptations and reduce the risk of injury or over training.

Keep Your Dream

Keep Your Dream

When I left college at 18 I opened my first beauty salon with the support of a handful of special people. It was my first taste of real independence and with that came many mistakes but this was what I wanted to do and it felt completely right.

What shocked and saddened me more than anything else was the negative comments I received from those I considered friends, many were disguised as concern for me but surely if they really cared they would support what I was doing?

Citrus Fizz Smoothie

Citrus Fizz

This weeks #MagicMonday recipe is the Citrus Fizz smoothie featuring James Greenwell and team proto-col athlete Chris Roxburgh, a GB Duathlete.

To make Chris’ smoothie you will need the following ingredients:

The Look That Men Find Most Attractive


We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by this new research.

Well this is refreshing: It turns out, both men and women find women more attractive when they have less makeup on, according to a new study published in The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology.