Archive – November 2014

Eddie’s Scavenger Hunt

Eddie's Scavenger Hunt

Eddie the Teddy loves to play outside embarking on exciting adventures to learn news things about nature but he needs your help to find some of the Autumn inspired items on his fun Scavenger Hunt.

Find all 8 items and stick them on your Eddie sheet to complete the hunt; why not play with a few friends and give yourself a set time limit to make it more of a competition?

Caroline Livesey nominated for Triathlete of the Year!

Caroline Livesey, Ironman Athlete, team proto-col profile

Team proto-col athlete Caroline Livesey has made it onto the Beyond Going Long short list for the 2014 Triathlete of the Year, alongside World Class professionals Jodie Swallow, Lucy Gossage, Leanda Cave and Rachel Joyce.

Fancy a Steak

Fancy a steak

The environmental impact of eating meat is quite dramatic.

Cutting the amount of meat you eat would create such positive effects on our already overburdened Earth.

Meat production produces 18-25% of the total greenhouse gas emissions worldwide! Cattle ranches / steak herding and feed production has deforested over 70% of the Amazon forest.

A proto-col Christmas

A proto-col Christmas

It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas at proto-col Head Office.

The ambassadors are busier than ever having parties, one to ones and retailing in their individual businesses.

The hard work across the year building long term relationships with customers, always come to a fantastic peak at Christmas and with the added support of our seasonal health and beauty matters with exclusive Christmas collection this Christmas is going to be simply amazing!

Spicy Apple Smoothie

Spicy Apple

This weeks #MagicMonday recipe is the Spicy Apple smoothie featuring James Greenwell and team proto-col athlete Nusrat Ceesay, former team GB and Gambian Sprinter.

To make Nusrat’s smoothie you will need the following ingredients: