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Post workout nutrition – part 2

post workout nutrition

In part 1 we discussed the importance of post workout nutrition.  In part 2 we will look at the ‘what and when’ in more detail.

Availability of nutrients is vitally important and strongly influences the glucose and amino acid transportation and delivery.  Having the right nutrients in our bodies helps us to rebuild and recover from exercise, even just having the nutrients available can signal to our bodies that it is time to repair.

Raspberry Zest Smoothie

Raspberry Zest Smoothie

This weeks #MagicMonday smoothie recipe is the Raspberry Zest featuring team proto-col athlete Angela Hannah.

Angela’s Raspberry Zest smoothie is a great antioxidant immune boost.

Eddie’s Halloween Lantern

Eddie's Halloween Lantern

Next Friday it’s 31st October which means – time to dress up in your spooky Halloween costumes and go trick-or-treating! To help you get ready to scare have a go at making Eddie’s Halloween lantern.

Your Nail Shape Says….

What Does Your Nail Shape Say About Your Personality?

What Does Your Nail Shape Say About Your Personality? A Lot, According to a New Trend!

Now that the manicure art craze seems to be dying down, people have to find something else about their nails to obsess over. In Asia, a new trend says that you can learn all about people’s personalities, just by looking at the shape of their nails.

Post workout nutrition – part 1

post workout

We all know that what you eat is important… but when you eat it is just as important.  This is especially true when it comes to our post workout nutrition.

So just what is post workout nutrition?

Well it is basically all about our understanding of how the body deals with different nutrients post exercise.  Eating certain nutrients after exercise (post workout) can help improve your body composition, performance and recovery.