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Perfect eyes

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Every beauty enthusiast strives to master perfect eyes, with the ability to deliver multiple results with little time or effort eye liner and mascara are two of the most important tools in your make-up bag .

The classic pencil is still a favourite.  Using a high quality mineral crayon will ensure greater ease of application, allow the skin not to be dragged and allow easy application.  Choosing a high quality mineral crayon and will provide better pigmented colour and provide depth and dimension.  Choose a mascara that has a well designed brush that will volumize, separate and fan the eye lashes without clumping to achieve a glossy finish and intense volume. This will  open up and brighten eyes.

Eddie’s face masks

Eddie The Teddy mask

This week Eddie has a  fun new activity for you. He wants you to become Eddie the Teddy or Elizabeth the Teddy with his face masks.

Choose between either Eddie the Teddy face mask or Elizabeth the Teddy face mask and follow the instructions to make your facemask.  Which one will you choose?

Pass on the Passion

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Most of us decide on which direct sales company because of the products they offer.  Perhaps you’ve been using one or two for years or a friend recommends but how do we turn that personal passion into a sale.  How do we pass on the passion?

You can’t sell if you don’t know…..

It’s really important that you know as much as possible about the company and products you’re selling.  This can seem a little daunting especially with proto-col as we have such a vast array of products.

What is Collagen? part 2

proto-col collagen capsules


Collagen synthesis and assembly follows the normal pathway for a secreted protein.  The activation of fibroblasts in the connective tissues results in an increase in the production of collagen.  The mechanism of collagen formation is well known.

The genetic information encoded in the DNA is “read” (transcription process in the nucleus), the mature mRNA is then transported to the cytoplasm and “translated” (translation process) to produce the single polypeptide chains (α-chains) at the rough endoplasmatic reticulum (ER).  Each α-chain has a terminal peptide sequence, also known as trimerization domain, which drives the assembly of the longer precursors, which are termed procollagens.

Ribosome-bound mRNA is translated into growing preprocollagen molecules that are assembled inside the fibroblasts, into the lumen of the ER.