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Does Image Matter?

Does Image Matter

What makes you walk into a particular shop?  And more importantly what stops you walking in?  What attracts us initially to other people or make assumptions about them?  What makes us buy and go back again? In other words, does image matter?

Really simple questions that can we all can have a quick superficial answer to, but if you look deeper into your own business –  how do you stack up?

Here at proto-col we are very proud of how our products look from the packaging, to the bottles and labels.  We spend many hours looking over images and talking to packaging companies.  To us every aspect of the buying experience is important.

Do you ever take a moment and step back and see what your customer sees?

Team proto-col news


British Middle Distance Triathlon Championships 2014

Mark and Caroline Livesey two of our team proto-col athletes both competed in the British Middle Distance Triathlon Championships in Aberfeldy in Scotland on the 17th of August.  This event includes a 1.9km swim, a 90 km bike ride and a 21km run. Mark and Caroline both became British Middle Distance Triathlon Champions in their respective age groups continuing their amazing form this year.  The Aberfeldy event is well known for its challenging course.  This year’s poor weather conditions made this event even more so with cold, windy and rainy conditions.

#MagicMonday Tropical Twist smoothie

tropical twist

This weeks smoothie recipe is the tropical twist smoothie brought to you by Conor.

The tropical twist is the perfect smoothie to quench a hot summers day thirst.

Watch how to make the tropical twist smoothie to quench your thirst by heading over to our YouTube channel

Dress your Eyes

eye image

The saying goes that eyes are the window to our soul!

We all have slightly different coloured eyes but regardless of their shade; happy or sad eyes tell a thousand stories and whilst there are many tricks to accentuate your features it’s important you know what colours will flatter your eyes.

Build Elizabeth the teddy care bear

Build an Elizabeth

Last week everyone one had so much fun building their very own Eddie the teddy care bear that Eddie wants you to build Elizabeth the teddy care bear this week!

Just like last week, download the PDF of Elizabeth the teddy care bear,  cut her out and glue her together by following the instructions.