Archive – July 2014

Benefits of a facial

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Everyone wishes for more time to spend at the local spa but with little time to relax in our busy lives making a weekly appointment at the salon seems to only happen in fairy tales. The alternative is find products that can achieve salon results from the comfort of your own home and now with proto-col double indulgence you can do just that!

proto-col at ITU World Triathlon London Expo 2014

ITU world trathlon series image

We love to go to shows and expositions so that we can talk to people about the power of green magic and our proto-col nutrition range. Recently we were invited to have a stand at the Pru Health ITU World Series Triathlon race in Hyde Park London.

With our team proto-col gazebo and smoothie machine we spent a great weekend in the beautiful London sunshine, talking performance nutrition to all the Triathletes, both Elite and Age Groupers alike.

The half sugar report

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Dieticians and lifestyle experts have known for decades that the real cause of obesity and various other health issues is sugar. Whilst all the hype has been about fat and the food industry creating a hype about low fat diets, the real facts are only just starting to be taken seriously by governments and health officials.

Let’s kiss Frogs!

Lets kiss frogs!

Following on from the last blog, hopefully now your plan has been committed to paper, excel sheet etc… you now know your short term and long term goals.

So all you need now is customers.

It may seem obvious but without them your business can’t grow. You need to nurture your business a little every day as if it was garden. You can spend all day weeding the flower beds but if you don’t go back every few days your are back to square one, knee deep in weeds and nothing beautiful to show for all your hard work.

Introduction to the proto-col cosmetics range

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The philosophy of caring for and hydrating your skin with our naturally advanced collagen skincare has evolved beyond your skincare routine.

With a combination of natural hypoallergenic and anti-inflammatory ingredients proto-col baked mineral cosmetics are an innovative range of colour cosmetics designed to help restore the skin’s natural PH balance to combat problem areas and imperfections whilst helping to improve skin hydration and elasticity.