proto-col affiliate programme

Proto-col’s affiliate programme is one of the most effective and lucrative ways to earn revenue through your online presence. With an extensive product range, attractive commissions and exceptional brand credibility, our affiliate programme is the number one way to generate revenues for any proactive affiliates. Here we explain exactly how it works and how you could earn income from it.

How the affiliate programme works

We will pay you a commission for any orders with Proto-col made by people that came to us directly through your online presence: be that a website, blog or social media activity. There is no limit to the number of conversions and therefore commissions that can be earned.

Who can join the affiliate programme?

Anyone is eligible from large and established brands and websites to smaller more personal blogs to even people with a substantial social media following on Twitter or Facebook. If you would like to become a Proto-col affiliate, then simply apply using the details below.

Why partner with Proto-col

  • Competitive Commission Rates – up to 10%
  • Special Offers Driven – we are committed to highly attractive and frequent promotions to drive sales
  • High Conversion Rates – customers benefit from regular offers & codes and a best in-class website leading to a highly engaged audience
  • Free Editorial Content – we provide unique and engaging Proto-col content on a regular basis for affiliates to use on their websites to drive traffic and conversion levels
  • Social Media Support – Proto-col has a large, loyal and engaged following on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to help build brand credibility and drive your sales
  • Trustworthy Merchant – you can relax when it comes to commission payments, cookie length, regular communication, up to date banners, etc. proto-col understands the need to support and make sure our partnership is successful

How do I become a Proto-col affiliate?

Our programme is managed by affiliates and it’s quick and easy to become a Proto-col affiliate. Simply click on the link below and register with the Proto-col affiliate programme:

Join the Proto-col affiliate programme

For reference purposes, our ID is 12155

will then provide you with a code that’s unique to you that you can use to link to our website. This code will then enable us to record and pay the commission for every sale that came from your site, simple!

The proto-col affiliate programme is managed by ThoughtMix.
For any questions regarding the programme or to discuss opportunities, please email or call +44 (0)8443 344469